Aircraft Paint Facility

We have a custom respray booth on site, we totally strip down to bare metal and even dry strip composite parts, Your aircraft is treated with the greatest of care and comes back to you with a new weight and balance report, full stainless screw kit including structural screws, epoxy waxed, and fully certified. We then ask you if you would like to bring your aircraft back for a free wash and epoxy treatment 6 months later.

Airframe Service/Repair

We are experts at airframe repairs, from patch repairs to skin replacement.

Interior Refurbishement

Need a new interior, or maybe just some fabric repairs. We do all interior work from a simple fabric kit to a full leather or just a tidy up and repair.


Our hanger at Dunkeswell Aerodrome contains a full paint respray facility, designed not just to make your aircraft look good, but also to fully service the airframe and remove all the corrosion hidden within.

All work comes with a step by step photographic report, we can email you stage pictures of the work being carried out on your aircraft.

Full epoxy wax treatment carried out on completion.

We valet your interior and carry out light defect removal on your windows as standard after a re-spray.

We computer design schemes giving you a photo quality picture (not a simple line drawing) of what your
finished aircraft will look like so you can get it right before spraying starts.